About Us

Foundation and Establishment:

"Sharm ElSheikh Real Estate" is a limited liability real estate company founded in 2008, pursuant to the Sudanese rules and regulations. It is one of the leading real estate companies in Khartoum and leads its executive management Engineer Mohamed Salah Mohamed Gafar in cooperation with a team of high-caliber professionals specialized in the marketing of all kinds of properties.

Our Vision

To become the leading provider of real estate services, consultancies and marketing of unique and matchless real estates in Khartoum.

Our Mission

To provide a broad range of high quality, innovative and competitively priced services, delivered to the complete satisfaction of a diversified client base (individuals and companies), with the highest degree of professionalism.

Our Values

We base our work on the principles of Islamic Shariah and on offering the best real estate services and consultancies with complete transparency, honesty and creditability. We are keen to protect and add value to our clients' investments. Moreover, we believe that our clients are our partners in success and that life is an investment in which only the strong and honest will succeed.

Our Objective

We aim at providing the highest overall satisfaction form the first time for property buyers, sellers and stakeholders.

Our Strategy

Adopt sound initiatives that add value to our clients, partners and the real estate sector.

Our services

Sharm ElSheikh services include marketing, brokerage, buying, selling and leasing of all kinds of real estates, residential units and land plots for our clients inside and outside Sudan. Sharm ElSheikh services also include real estate appraisal and providing of legal advice.


Sharm ElSheikh services are characterized with high quality professionalism, dedication, promptness and simple procedures to realize satisfaction of our clients and stakeholders.

Sharm ElSheikh employees are highly qualified and specialized in providing marketing, selling, buying and leasing services of residential properties for our clients that satisfy, from the first time, their requirements, needs and aspirations to acquire, sell or lease residential units, villas, furnished or unfurnished apartments in luxurious residential compounds or distinctive districts.

As for commercial real estates, our employees' knowledge with market trends and supply and demand factors will enable our clients to purchase, sell, lease or rent appropriate properties suitable for commercial usage. Regarding land plots, our employees have the accumulated experience and are well aware of the prime locations of land plots in the Greater Khartoum that are fit for long-term investment or immediate purchase with affordable prices for our clients.

Our Scope of Business

Khartoum State- Greater Khartoum: Khartoum, the capital of Sudan, with its distinctive location, existence of government ministries and agencies, in addition to foreign embassies and regional and international diplomatic missions, is considered the most urban developed and populated cities in Sudan. It has recorded the highest growth rates in Sudan with an annual population growth rate of 8%. Khartoum population is currently circa 8 millions. Population statistics indicate that Khartoum population would exceed twenty millions during the upcoming twenty years pursuant to the government statistics and Khartoum urban development authorities. Khartoum population growth is accompanied with an increasing vertical and horizontal urban development. Khartoum urban development is estimated to involve construction of twenty thousand residential buildings annually.

Therefore, Khartoum is considered one of the major and important centers for the attraction of numerous investment, touristic, real estate and industrial projects leading to unparallel demand for its real estates compared with any other city in Sudan.

Our Relations

Sharm ElSheikh Real Estates has a solid and wide network of relations with legal firms, engineering offices and government agencies specialized in transfer of ownership deeds and with our partners in the real estate sector including real estate companies and agencies.