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The Five Conflicts Driving the Bulk of the World’s Refugee Crisis

South Sudan. Syria. Afghanistan. Myanmar. Somalia.The mention of these nations conjures images of violent conflict — and of humanity on the move.Many  in the affluent West are fearful of a world in which they imagine refugees from these countries are flooding into Europe and the United States at record rates. Those anxieties have driven governments to tighten borders and slash refugee... Read More

South Sudan Cease-fire Violated Within Hours

South Sudan government troops violated the country’s latest cease-fire just hours after it began at midnight, the armed opposition claimed Saturday, while a government spokesman accused the rebels of attacking instead. The competing claims indicated a shaky start to the latest attempt at ending the five-year civil war that has killed tens of thousands and created Africa’s largest... Read More

U.N. Imposes Arms Embargo on South Sudan as Atrocities Go Unabated

At least 232 civilians were killed, and the forces gang-raped at least 120 women and girls, including children as young as 4, according to the report, which was produced by the United Nations mission in South Sudan and the human rights office in Geneva. At least 132 women and girls were abducted, forced to carry loot to the soldiers’ base and kept as sex slaves or porters, according to the... Read More

Education Social Impact in Sudan

While South Sudan’s warring parties have failed to make necessary compromises for peace after nearly 15 months of conflict, the people of South Sudan continue to suffer, including millions of children.In addition to the many hardships South Sudan’s children are facing since civil war erupted in December 2013, the re-emergence of forced recruitment of child soldiers threatens to rob... Read More

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